The Campus is a high quality and well-maintained development, tried and tested over a number of years. The opportunity now exists for new tenants to share in this unique office space.

The Campus layout

Below is an interactive map of The Campus, you can view more information about each building by hovering your mouse over one of the grey areas in the building layout.

Space available

Fully occupied

Available space

The Gabba

The Gabba building with its unique square shape is one of the larger buildings at The Campus and is situated on the Northern corner of the property…

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Wrigley Field

The Wrigley Field building is ideally situated next to The Gabba which houses a Vida e Caffe and Iplay store…

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Flushing Meadows

Flushing Meadows is situated on the Western side of The Campus, giving it easy access from the Culross Street entrance…

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Eden Gardens

  OCCUPIED Ground floor This floor is occupied and has no space available. SPACE AVAILABLE First floor The first floor has 756 m2 of vacant space, available...

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